I am delighted to announce that my book “Beautiful! Images of Health, Joy and Vitality in Pregnancy and Birth” has just been re- released, 16 years on from its original publication. I have had the pleasure of refreshing my book and I am excited to share it with you. It contains some beautiful stories of the inspirational woman that I have had the pleasure of meeting and supporting as a midwife.

The book is a collection of photos and stories of women of color who have undergone incredible transformations in anticipation of the miracle of birth. Despite facing numerous systemic and bureaucratic challenges along the way, these women have persevered with unwavering determination and have triumphed, ultimately bringing healthy, full-term babies into the world.

25 years ago, I realized I was unable to stand by and accept the status quo, so I searched for a solution that could make a difference for the people of color in my area. I knew that the midwifery model of providing healthcare, a centuries old standard of person-centered respectful care, can make an impact. I developed a program, a method, a system: The JJ Way® was born.

This model has always made sure that pregnant women and their families were centered and that they knew that they were going to be supported no matter what. Utilizing the four JJ Way® tenets of “access, connections, knowledge, and empowerment” we set to work all those years ago to stand with them for this change.

The JJ way® is an evidenced based model of maternity care that saves lives.

Until women and their loved ones feel that they have enough knowledge and agency to be part of the decisions around their care, and until they have access to the education and support that they deserve, they will continue to be at risk.

As a mother, grandmother, a midwife, and an advocate, I am proud to bring you this powerful tribute to these amazing people, and let it serve as a reminder for all of us that we can make a difference; that there is a way, a tangible way, an attainable way – the results of which are indeed Beautiful!

Order your copy here – https://jenniejoseph.com/beautiful/