{Morning Thoughts} Reflecting this morning on the level and consistency of pure blessings – God is good! Having chosen to fall into the ever-present stress pit, (and while entertaining miserable thoughts of ‘just stay there and be QUIET’) I began to despair, to consider giving it all up as an impossible and unachievable goal. Who thought running a non-profit to serve ALL women, regardless, was actually a good idea???????

As each new drama dawned, every incident that illustrated how difficult or precarious our situation was, how a series of let-downs stacked up on me, surprised me out-of-the-blue…….I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, I didn’t recognize these events for the blessings they were. And then Malcolm was born!

Yes Malcom rolled in, courtesy of his powerhouse of a mom Cicely Bosley, who triumphantly pushed all 11 lbs 14 ozs of pure unadulterated chub into this world and demonstrated in that instant what it means to ‘just hang in there, NEVER, EVER give up’. Light bulb moment!

Little Eva came next! At 27 weeks, our FIRST preemie for the year (it’s September y’all!) – born unexpectedly weighing 3lbs, a solid weight for such an early baby. Eva, who re-confirms for me that our work is meaningful and must go on; who shows that even our occasional preemies are chunkier, stronger – that their moms are hardier, resilient and empowered. Our premature/ low birth weight rate continues to blow all other county, state and national rates out of the water – year after year. Eva’s mom reminds us that African-American women, like ALL women, thrive when treated fairly, with respect, dignity and support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. That the statistics that insist Black women and babies are at risk simply illustrate our COLLECTIVE willingness to ACCEPT the impacts of multiple broken systems, rather than acknowledge and FIX them (while continuing to blame their mothers I might add).

A tale of two babies…………two beautiful strong and determined women. One midwife with a dream. I am beyond thankful for every wretched set-back that has happened these last few weeks. Thankful for the learning, and the gifts of growth and re-affirmation, thankful for the folk who stand by this work anyway, but most thankful for these two little ones. Thank you God!