This Mother’s Day I want to shout out and recognize a woman who has taken on the ‘mothering’ of all the women, and men, who trust us every day to help with their pregnancy, birth and postpartum needs. Ms. June Brown, a mother and grandmother herself, has stood in the gap for countless Orlando moms in a way that cannot even be described. She is the ultimate “moms’ mom” – always there, dependable, solid, authentic, non-judgmental and a safe haven for all that ails you. As the backbone of our #EasyAccessClinic, our #PerinatalSafeSpot, we know that without her support – of us ALL – we couldn’t do the work that we do. So to every EAC team member that is a mom, to every patient that has passed through our doors who is now a mom, to every mom that has been touched by our program regardless, I say Happy Mother’s Day! And THANK YOU June, from the bottom of my heart! – Jennie