1981 Edgware General Hospital

{Morning Thoughts} I’m so present to the journey today, International Midwives Day 2018. Phew! Using my breathing ……….., deep breath in, slow breath out…….soft breath in, slow exhale……… holding onto the ever-ready tears that could just overflow with every breath. How do you capture what seems like a lifetime of midwifery struggle, of endurance amid frustration, yet such triumph and great joy? Which adjectives could best describe, elucidate, convey the vast depths of this emotional voyage.

My journey began in 1979, and here we are. Each May 15th I count out how many years since I qualified as a midwife in 1981 at Edgware General Hospital, London – this year being 37 years. My entire adult life, in fact since I was 16 and felt the strong call to the profession, I have lived and breathed midwifery. Each May 5th I celebrate International Midwives Day with my sister midwives.
Would I change anything? Not one solitary thing!
Do I have a particular wish going forward? Well, yes I do………..I pray for every woman that is in jeopardy through LACK of access to a midwife, whether in these United States, or around the world, to have the safest, most empowering and peaceful pregnancy, birth and postpartum possible until we can truly say that we have ‘a midwife for every mother’.
Happy International Midwives Day to ALL the midwives of the world – and thank you for your service! #IMD2018