Jennie’s Initiatives

Commonsense Childbirth Inc. (CSC) – Jennie has poured her energy into this 501(c) 3 non-profit organization which she founded in 1998 to help women and families have better birth experiences.
The JJ Way® – Jennie understands that alone she can never help as many women as she’d like. The JJ Way® is a well-developed and proven approach that can be used by other caregivers to help more women everywhere. The JJ Way® Method is effective in reducing disparities and improving outcomes because it operates from the premise that every woman wants a healthy baby and that every woman deserves one. Jennie is excited to introduce The JJ Way Institute which will be opening in the Fall of 2018. 
National Perinatal Task Force This task force is building a grassroots network of support to transform maternity outcomes in the United States. Through the task force, Jennie is inspiring midwives and other perinatal professionals and peer supporters to be a part  of a positive change for mothers and babies.
Birth Center Choice – Jennie’s own private birth center in Florida, The Birth Place, providing woman-centered, midwife-attended childbirth, as well as prenatal and postpartum care.

The Easy Access Clinic – Everyone deserves access to quality medical care. Jennie founded the Easy Access Clinic to ensure all women, especially the most vulnerable women and pregnancy, receive care and help without regard to their financial ability. The clinic primarily serves low income and other at risk moms and babies. The clinic has tracked extraordinary results for demographics typically marginalized an experiencing the worst birth statistics of any.


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