{Morning Thoughts} Counting the blessings

{Morning Thoughts} Counting the blessings through the tumultuous twists and turns (literally) of the last week. My sweet midwife friend and colleague, Lanee, made it through #Irma and safely delivered her beautiful baby yesterday at the birth center.
A young postpartum mom, triumphant that her exclusively breastfed baby weighs 14 pounds at 6 weeks, allowed us serious cuddling and snuggling time to re-fill and replenish our hearts. Sweeter yet, I have known her since she was a toddler and helped her own mom deliver her three younger sisters.
Lastly, to top it off, the cutest mommy/daughter duo with matching shoes no less, came in for a prenatal visit and I just had to capture the pair.

Sending grateful thanks for all the support, for all the prayers. We are still here, and we will continue to fulfill on our promise and our mission – no one turned away who has a need!


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