For those of you who didn’t know, last year was the first year that we separated the Easy Access Women’s Health Clinic from The Birth Place and moved our clinic nearer to the area of critical need. I am so very thrilled, and proud, to report the following – not to mention #GRATEFUL for such an amazing and dedicated team who get in the trenches with me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

A combined total of 929 non-duplicated patients walked through the doors of The Birth Place birthing center and the newly opened Easy Access Clinic in 2016. Over 5000 maternity, women’s health and social support visits were provided.

435 non-duplicated pregnant patients were seen for continued care at The Easy Access Clinic (booked hospital births) and 474 non-duplicated patients had on site education classes. Others were ‘triaged’ and transferred for continuity to High Risk OB care, other private practices, moved or miscarried.

Of the 255 mothers who we could track data through the postpartum period we found the following:
75% were white and 25% black. Notably of the 75% that were white, 77% identified as Hispanic.
**3% had a low-birth baby**
Average gestation was 39.5 weeks, longest gestation 42.2 weeks and earliest gestation 29.4 weeks
Average birth weight was 7lbs 5ozs – Largest baby was 11lbs and smallest was 2lbs 2ozs (born at 29.4 weeks)
30% C-section rate
78% ever breastfed and of that 24% report combination feeding
13% bottle feeding
No maternal deaths
No neonatal deaths