A beautiful Sunday morning – affirmation that the sun always rises

{Morning Thoughts} A beautiful Sunday morning – affirmation that the sun always rises, that we get to live another day, that we get to fulfill on our purpose in our life, that there is always hope and that God is good! Many reflections, thoughts, musings swirl through my mind this morning…………another tumultuous week, compounding a tumultuous year so far, in fact let’s just say an entire tumultuous decade. So much has happened, on so many fronts – personally, practice-wise, corporately, politically – that it is hard to recall these sentinel events yet alone document them. No need, though, as the underlying thread, the criss-crossed embroidery that has held this patchwork quilt of my life together has always been, and will continue to be my quest to transform maternity care such that ALL women have the opportunity to thrive and not just survive.

If you know me, you know my work feeds me. As I seek balance however, I also see how it ‘informs’ me, helps me grow. My latest deep learnings include the impact of ‘trauma-informed’ care on mitigating poor birth outcomes – work that we have been doing inadvertently for decades. I begin to see how self-care fits into the picture, not only for the patients but for ALL OF US. Our latest study is ready – I will release it today. I am encouraged, not only because (once again) our stats PROVE that racial and class disparities in birth can be ELIMINATED but also because it shows that consistent application of the model is beyond an ’emerging best practice’ – IT IS THE WAY!

This report gives more insight into the model as well as provides the data that shows that it is working. As I strengthen and ready this work for replication – as I prepare for the next steps on this revolutionary journey – as I continue to look for answers, along with all of you who are also looking with me – I commit to taking care of myself so I can take care of this charge. The transition stage has been long and arduous, but do not lose courage – we see the head! WE WILL ALL SURVIVE!

Forward, together. Thank you all! ~ Jennie

The JJ Way® Community-based Maternity Center Evaluation Report 2017 -(1)